Letters to Louise A Love Story

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1893 to 1904 A Love Story
by Carol Carruthers Lambert
autographed by author

Tangles of Love. Travels and Tribulations.

Letters to Louise is a chronicle of letters between Louise Tallant and Richard Ervin "Dick" Carruthers of Astoria, Oregon. Written during the period 1893 to 1904, they are set in a historical context gathered from a wide range of sources.

Spanning the continent from the Washington Territory to Southern California and from a Honolulu military camp to Florida's remote interior, the paths of Louise and of Dick keep returning them to the developing city of Astoria. Living in the rich new world hewn from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, they helped shape the early history of Astoria and the Lower Columbia River area.

The inclusion of numerous family photographs creates a vivid, visual tapestry of Louise and Dick's lives at the turn of the twentieth-century. The result is an engrossing, romantic and sensitive love story.

The author, a native Astorian, shares here her Grandmother Louise's letters- full of life, funny and sad, with even a mystery or two.

Softcover: 378 pages B&W photos
ISBN: 978-1-4507-2396-1

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