The Ashley Book of Knots

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by Clifford W. Ashley

Describes every practical knot, what it looks like, where it comes from, and how to tie it. The book includes 4,000 knots, with all the varieties of shipboard knots as well as knots used by butchers, steeplejacks, electric linesmen, knitters, cobblers, surgeons, poachers and cowboys.

From back cover-
"My earliest schooling in knots was received from two uncles, who were whaling captains. One taught me the Reef Knot when I was three years old... My other uncle taught me to sinnet. He had agreed to make me a whiplash, but as he proved dilatory, or so it seemed to a boy of my age, I secured material and with a little coaching, made the lash myself...."

Hardcover: 640 pages
ISBN-10: 0385040253
ISBN-13: 978-0385040259

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